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Antiscalants are used to prevent the formation of inorganic scales (formed by calcium, magnesium, strontium and barium ions), a frequent problem with water used in industrial systems such as cooling towers, boilers and in water desalination by reverse osmosis systems.

Antiscalants inhibit scale formation through three separate mechanisms:

  • When a microcrystal of scale begin to form, the antiscalant adsorbs onto the growing crystal surface. Threshold inhibition occurs because the adsorbed antiscalant prevents further growth and the build-up of a regular crystalline lattice.
  • An increase in microcrystals’ surface charge occurs and the resulting increased electrostatic repulsive forces prevent their agglomeration and the build-up of a regular crystalline lattice.
  • Because of the antiscalant adsorption, the morphology of the growing microcrystals is altered, resulting in irregularly shaped crystals and preventing their growth.

Antiscalants offer the best way of preventing damages, ensuring good operation and protecting your system by the formation of unwanted scales.

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