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CHATZOPOULOU N.A. CHEMICALS S.A. "CHEMAFLO" (GEMH Nr.: 059112704000) , is a Greek company established in the early 80's and based in Thessaloniki, Greece. CHEMAFLO is trading Chemical Products mainly for Waste Water Treatment, Specialty Additives and Functional Aids and is also providing Technical Solutions and Service.

Our services extend to a broad spectrum of applications, including:

  • Municipal Enterprises for Water Supply and Sewerage
  • Drinking Water Treatment Plants
  • Aluminium Industry
  • Paper Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Paint Industry
  • Marble Treatment Industry
  • Cosmetic Industry
  • Desalination Plants
  • Swimming Pools
  • Stock Farms & Slaughter Houses

Due to many years of technical expertise in the application of our excellent-quality products combined with our dedication in providing services of the highest level and desire for innovation, CHEMAFLO holds a leading position in the Greek market.

CHEMAFLO represents and collaborate with many companies producing chemical - biotechnology products and manufacturing apparatus.

Our goal is:

  • the design and implementation of the best solution, in technical and economic aspects, for your plant
  • the continuous monitoring and technical support for our customers through consulting , laboratory trials and on site visits whenever necessary
  • contributing to the protection of water resources and environmental conservation through the safe treatment and management of waste in the water resources

We are at your disposal to discuss your personal needs and to apply our experience and services in order to achieve the optimum results in your unit.